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Cat Chase Toy


  • ✔ INTERACTIVE SPINNING TOY THAT SATISFIES CAT’S SCRATCHING URGES --- Cats have an instinct to scratch the objects. As a pet owner, our goal is not to stop them from showing this natural behavior but rather to satisfy their urge of scratching onto appropriate items. The Meric Cat Scratcher is a scratching board that can spin 360o left and right and provides hours of fun to your feline companions.
  • ✔ BOREDOM-BUSTER, PREVENTS UNWANTED BEHAVIOR --- Excessive boredom is one of the main causes to exhibit unwanted behavior by pets. A frustrated and bored cat may lead to spraying or urinating anywhere, biting and aggression towards humans and other pets. They can also become destructive and tend to scratch on anything they see, and your prized furniture is not an exemption. Your little explorers need this boredom-buster gadget for their entertainment, engagement and to occupy themselves.
  • ✔ HELPS IN SHARPENING HUNTING SKILLS --- Being born predators, cats need to fulfill their inner hunting desires. This enjoyable scratcher has a mouse inside along the semi-closed track at its periphery which your cat can chase, hunt and pounce on as if he is stalking a real prey.
  • ✔ PROMOTES HEALTHY PLAY --- Indoor cats should be given as much opportunity to let out their unused energy as they can through exercises. They rely heavily on us, the cat owners, to provide them with varying environments and tools to explore and play with. They need to be stimulated both physically and mentally even if they don’t have much access to the outdoors. The Cat Scratcher provides them this opportunity to play and exercise with entertainment and fun.
  • ✔ COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT --- With an optimum diameter of 10 inches, this textured Meric scratch pad is compact and lightweight, and doesn’t take much space. It can be stored in any corner of the house. Your kitty is guaranteed of unlimited enjoyment with this scratching pad.
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