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Electric Measuring Cup

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  • 【All-in-ONE DIGITAL MEASURING CUP】This electronic measuring cup combines a measuring cup and a scale into one, allowing you to measure the volume of liquid and know the weight, and can hold 600ml of liquid. (button battery 2032 3V)
  • 【MATERIAL COMPOSITION】Made of high-quality plastic polypropylene PP5, durable, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
  • 【COMPREHENSIVE FUNCTIONS】Tare weight, unit conversion, weight measurement, measuring cup, countdown, thermometer. The LCD screen is convenient for users to read data, and it will automatically shut down after 60 seconds of inactivity. You can also set a 30-minute countdown and temperature measurement.
  • 【BUTTON】ON/OFF can be set: press the button for about 2 seconds to turn off the power, TARE: tare function, MODE: unit conversion. Press the button to switch the unit -g-ml-oz-cup-ct-lb.
  • 【ADAPT to the SCENE】Kitchen foot weight, baking, tea weight, coffee and milk weight, seasoning weight, medicinal material weight, multiple tare measurements.

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