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Hand Blown Wine Decanter


  • 1.Hand-blown decanter, Breaking the conventional creative design, unique in shape, with beautiful arcs, fashionable and beautiful appearance, high temperature forging at 1600 ° C, each process is fascinating , the glass craft is perfectly displayed in front of you, at the same time it can help the wine flow and speed up the hangover
  • 2.The lead-free clear Crystalex decanter with high light transmittance allows drinker to look closely at wine and brings visual enjoyment. Works perfect as a wine pourer and also piece of art, makes a great centerpiece when having guests up
  • 3.Wide Base Improves the Taste of So-So Wine: A standard 750ml bottle wine will fill exactly at the widest part of the carafe, allowed for the maximum wine surface area to interact with air, softening tannins and letting fruit, floral aromas come out
  • 4.Slanted Spout by Cold Cutting, No Drips: with the angled pourer it’s easy to fill the wine decanter aeratorr with Bordeaux Barolo, the curly handle with the right size for easy grasping. Fire polishing ensures smooth edges and nice finish
  • 5.Wine decanter, exquisite and high-end appearance, Has a unique black stripe, which highlights the individuality of the product。 lightness and smart touch.Made of high-quality crystal glass material, high permeability, high hardness, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, not easy to scratch, longer service life.  

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