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Potato Slicing Rack


  • Making a delicious potato.Add more flavour to your potatoes with the potato cutter. The thin slits allow the flavours to penetrate deep into the potato and your potato is cooked evenly.
  • It is safe to make hasselback potatoes. The potato slicer has pins in the board to keep the potato in place, and the metal grid guarantees a safe guide for your knife.
  • Evenly spaced slice: with this special cutting set, you can quickly make perfectly even slices without accidentally cutting your potato into pieces.
  • Widely use for cutting any type of food or vegetables. This kitchen utensil can also be used as a cutting board for food and vegetables such as eggs, onions, tomatoes, bread or avocados.
  • Measurement: 5.5" X 3.1" X 4.5" .Make of stainless steel material.Keep it longer life and last
 Estimated Delivery Time 3-5 Days